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The PTSD Struggles of One Police Officer Changes the Lives of Hundreds

Eric Reynolds served almost twenty years as a Boynton Beach, Florida Police Officer. He followed in his mother’s footsteps, whose storied career as a female undercover Narcotics Detective would later be featured in the popular series “Narcos.” Like many Law Enforcement Officers in America, Eric knew that physical dangers were part of the landscape of a cop’s life. And like many police officers, he thought that he was prepared to face life and death encounters.

His world changed one afternoon when while on patrol, he was advised to BOLO (be on the lookout) for a bank robbery suspect driving a red car with a white top. Minutes later, he spotted a car matching the description and radioed for a backup. As he followed the car waiting for assistance, the suspect raced away with Eric in pursuit. The suspect crashed into another car, and as Eric got out of his car, he came under fire. The next few moments would change his life forever.

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is as real as a bullet. Even though it might take months or even years to inflict its dangerous effects. Eric’s life started to deteriorate as drinking and overeating began taking a toll on his physical health. He gained a dangerous amount of weight and almost didn’t recognize himself in photos and videos but perhaps even more disturbing was how his family life began to crumble.

Realizing that he was hurtling towards self-destruction, Eric knew he had to change his life’s direction. Researching how a healthy body can affect a healthy emotional balance, Eric chose a nutritional path called Keto. Within months he began shedding weight and feeling healthier. Other Police Officers began noticing the positive changes in him and approached him for advice. Even the kids on the streets he patrolled noticed, and soon he earned the nickname Keto Five-O, the “ Five-0” being street talk for the police.

Eric knew that PTSD was affecting his life. Through therapy and nutrition, he learned how to cope and control the many manifestations of the emotional and psychological issues that can harm the lives of those suffering its symptoms.

Now, using his own experiences and educational skills learned, he is touching the lives of hundreds of law enforcement officers across the nation. Hear his amazing story on Lt Randy Sutton’s show, “The Voice for American Law Enforcement.

Take a listen :

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