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Law Enforcement Life Coach John Kelly

Eric Reynolds, the owner at and Cops and Campers. Retired Wounded Police Officer, Sports Nutritionist and Personal Trainer, Full Time Traveling and Homeschooling RV Family, Heart Disease and PTSD Survivor and Keto/Carnivore Expert. Sits down for a chat with Law Enforcement Life Coach John Kelly

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Doctor Fit and Fabulous

On today’s episode, Dr. Jaime interviews retired police officer and Ketogenic/ Carnivore lifestyle proponent, Eric Reynolds! Eric shares with us his incredible journey in both life and lifestyle…

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I Fix Hearts by Dr. Ovadia

A documentary called Cops and Cabins allowed cops to decompress and find their safe space. When Eric Reynolds saw himself in that short film, he realized how heavy and sick he looked. As a cop, he maintained an active lifestyle, playing basketball and carrying weights, but as heavy as he was, it led him to several injuries.

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Fabulously Keto Podcast

Eric Reynolds opens up about the shooting that changed his life while working at the Boynton Beach Police Department. As a cop, Eric was overweight, unhealthy, and experiencing signs of PTSD.

After learning about a ketogenic lifestyle, Eric lost weight, increased his energy levels, and improved brain function. When he retired in 2019, Eric became a Licensed Sport Nutritionist and Personal Trainer and started the Keto Five O Nutrition Coaching Company.

Eric speaks about the inspiration behind his KetoFiveO group and his Cops and Campers Retreat Program for Cops.

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