Retired Police Officer, PTSD and Heart Disease Survivor - LOST OVER 70 LBS IN TWO YEARS

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Welcome friends. Things are just getting started with Keto Five-O. I am now a Licensed Primary Sports Nutritionist and Personal Trainer. I found success with a Ketogenic/ Carnivore lifestyle. Now as retired police officer, I understand the damage that my career caused. Weight Gain, High Cortisol Levels, Stress, Alcohol, PTSD, Heart Disease and many other issues. I would like to share what I have learned (and still learning) through my 3 year Keto/ Carnivore Journey. I have gotten healthy, reduced my weight (50 lbs in 10 months on keto), Down another 20lbs on Carnivore. I reduced inflammation and got into the best shape of my life. I will be posting articles, recipes, videos, chat discussions and information to help all first responders and their families. Meal planning ideas, the truth about sugars, high cholesterol, the American diet and why we have an obesity crisis. Please share it with your friends that want to know more.

Boynton Beach Police Dept. 2001-2019

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