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Setup your consultation with Eric from so we can get a better understanding of your goals.

Macros Evaluation


Macros Evaluation allows Eric to understand where you are in your fitness journey. This allows for a custom tailored plan.

Custom Health Plan


Now that you know where you stand. We then implement custom meal plans, Glucose monitoring, and physical fitness.

240lbs with heart disease and pre diabetic

Its time for a. Change

Are you ready to turn your life around? I am Eric Reynolds a certified sports nutritionist and personal trainer. 


KetoFiveO Offers a selection of plans to fit your needs.

Simple Plan

1 Hour training session no strings attached.

1 Hour Training Sessions (In Person and Virtual Options)

  • Simple Plan Includes:
  • Nutrition Analysis
  • Personal Training
  • Macros & Labs Evaluation
  • Meal Planning

Double Time

Double up your simple plan for 4 weeks

1 Hour Training Sessions Twice a Week for 4 weeks

  • Double Time Includes:
  • Nutritional Analysis
  • Personal Training
  • Macros & Labs Evaluation
  • Meal Planning

KetoFiveO Plan

Full Court Press

 Full Access

  • Full Court Press:
  • Nutrtional Analysis
  • Personal Training
  • Macros & Labs Evaluation
  • Meal Planning and Recipes
  • Regular Video Calls
  • Shopping Assistance
  • Health Advocate

What our clients are saying!

Happy Client

July 14, 2020 ·
I'd like to thank Eric Reynolds for inspiring me to start the Keto/Carnivore lifestyle.
A month ago I had found myself heavier than I ever had been, out of shape more than I ever had been, and suffering from a lifetime battle with chronic IBS. I started a very low/no carb, high fat diet, exclusively Carnivore after the first week, and had immediate results. I was losing about a pound every other day, and I no longer had to take my prescription for my digestive issues. Other than the dietary changes, I really made no other changes in my life. I walk a few times a week, but really nothing more than that. After 4 weeks, I'm down 18lbs and feel as good as I did years ago! I see no reason to stop eating and living this way, although now that I have more energy I will start working out more regularly, again. So, thank you Eric! I appreciate the info you shared, pushing me to do something about it. You're the best, brother!

Satisfied customer

Jan 2021 I was 238 pounds and 49 years old and the heaviest I had ever been. I had a hysterectomy at 37 leaving only one ovary intact. I went though menopause at 43 and the weight packed on. I tried several diets through the years and I yo-yo ’ed my weight and have clothing stored from size 6 to size 22 which is what I was in when I said enough is enough. I contacted Keto Five-0, Eric Reynolds and explained my situation and my keto journey began. As a side note, my husband (51yoa) started this with me as well. When we began, he lost very FAST! And I became frustrated very quickly. Eric coached me through. It seemed like I would lose for a week or two then be completely stalled for two weeks or more, but my hubs kept losing, then he stalled. He lost almost 50 lbs, but I caught up... Eric told me that my hubs would be a sprint, and my journey would be a marathon. I would go up 2-3 lbs then down 4. In Nov 2021 I was 191 lbs, a 47lb loss!! Then COVID got me. I was hospitalized, on a ventilator for 4 weeks, ICU, rehab etc. and finally got out Jan 2022…2 months in hospitals and rehabs. I turned 50 during my hospital stay and I tried to continue my keto, but hospital food is not very accommodating… none the less, I lost another 25 lbs on the COVID/Keto diet. I am now 166 lbs which is 72lbs total loss. My goal is 150…only 16lbs left…

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