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Finding Peace: Healing Ptsd Through Camping And Keto With Eric Reynolds

In this profoundly moving episode of our podcast, we sit down with Eric Reynolds, a retired law enforcement officer, to delve into a journey of healing and transformation. 🌟 Eric opens up about the harrowing experience of an officer-involved shooting – a staggering 38 rounds fired. We explore the depths of “moral injury” and the emotional toll of putting on a gun belt after taking a life. 🛡️ We then pivot to the healing side of Eric’s story, discussing the surprising role of a ketogenic diet in balancing stress hormones and fostering physical and mental well-being.


Episode 03: KetoFiveO w/(Eric Reynolds)

Fasten your seatbelts as we embark on an awe-inspiring journey of transformation with our guest, Eric Reynolds – or as he’s known to many, Keto 5.0. A retired police officer from South Florida, Eric is here to unfold his remarkable tale of shedding over 80 pounds and reversing heart disease, all thanks to the ketogenic and carnivore diets.