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Eric Reynolds (Keto Five-O) is a retired Police Officer with 2 decades of experience, whose mother was the officer who took down drug Queen Griselda, as depicted in the recent Netflix series by the same name. He is now a licensed sports nutritionist and personal trainer and found success with a Ketogenic/Carnivore lifestyle. Now, as a retired police officer, he understands the damage that his career caused such as weight gain, high cortisol levels, stress, alcohol, PTSD, heart disease and many other issues. He is actively trying to get people healthier using what he learned through his 4-year Keto/Carnivore Journey. He has gotten healthy, reduced his weight (50lbs in 10 months on keto), Down another 20lbs on Carnivore.


Cops and Writers with Patrick O’Donnell

Eric Reynolds, a former Boynton Beach Florida Police Officer turned health advocate, shares a story of transformation and resilience. He is the son of June Hawkins, a retired Miami-Dade Homicide Sgt. and step-son of Sgt Al Singleton who were both featured in the Netflix series Griselda. Eric’s journey took an unexpected turn when he discovered through DNA his half-brother, Dave Stull a fellow police officer in Florida. Dave had been RVing full-time for ten years, inspiring Eric to sell his home, continue homeschooling, and travel the country with his family in a toy hauler. After being wounded in the line of duty, Eric battled PTSD and heart disease, ultimately losing 80 pounds on a ketogenic diet. This transformation motivated him to become a licensed sports nutritionist, personal trainer, and founder of KetoFiveO Sports Nutrition Company. Passionate about holistic health, Eric founded Cops and Campers, a non-profit offering outdoor retreats to help first responders recover from PTSD and chronic health conditions. In podcast and radio interviews, Eric shares captivating stories from law enforcement, his family journey with his mother June, brother Dave and his personal path through nutrition. His insights into mental health and wellness inspire listeners, while his candid stories of overcoming challenges offer a unique view of police work and the realities of recovery. In today鈥檚 episode we discuss: 路 How his mother, June Hawkins career in law enforcement molded his future in law enforcement. 路 What did kids said about his mom, June Hawkins, when he was growing up? A female cop, let alone a detective working on a big case was unusual for that time period. 路 Did Eric ever sense the danger of his mom鈥檚 job when he was a kid? Especially when she was involved in cartel cases like Griselda Blanco? 路 My mom is a cop who has a contract out on her life? 路 Being a retail security guard helped him later in his law enforcement career. 路 The car chase with a bank robber that led to a deadly encounter. 路 What really happens during a shootout? It鈥檚 not like the movies! 路 The fallout after the shooting, drinking and other issues. How Eric addressed them and what his advice is for anyone who has gone through or might go through a critical incident. 路 Did his faith in a higher power get stronger or diminish when he went through a life-or-death situation? 路 Keto Five-0, what is this and how did it start? 路 Cops and Campers, what is this and how did it start? 路 After fifty years, Eric discovers a long-lost-brother! 路 Eric鈥檚 advice to rookie cops.

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Finding Peace: Healing Ptsd Through Camping And Keto With Eric Reynolds

In this profoundly moving episode of our podcast, we sit down with Eric Reynolds, a retired law enforcement officer, to delve into a journey of healing and transformation. 馃専 Eric opens up about the harrowing experience of an officer-involved shooting 鈥 a staggering 38 rounds fired. We explore the depths of “moral injury” and the emotional toll of putting on a gun belt after taking a life. 馃洝锔 We then pivot to the healing side of Eric’s story, discussing the surprising role of a ketogenic diet in balancing stress hormones and fostering physical and mental well-being.


Episode 03: KetoFiveO w/(Eric Reynolds)

Fasten your seatbelts as we embark on an awe-inspiring journey of transformation with our guest, Eric Reynolds – or as he’s known to many, Keto 5.0. A retired police officer from South Florida, Eric is here to unfold his remarkable tale of shedding over 80 pounds and reversing heart disease, all thanks to the ketogenic and carnivore diets.