Life’s Best Medicine Podcast w Brian Lenzkes MD PT.1

Eric Reynolds (Keto Five-O) is a licensed primary sports nutritionist, personal trainer, and retired police officer. He found success with a ketogenic/carnivore lifestyle and founded Keto Five-O to help others find the same success and wellness that he found.

Brian and Eric talk about Eric’s experiences on the police force, including the day in June 2013 when he was shot by a bank robber, and the PTSD that ensued.

Eric discussed the benefits of having women on the police force, the power of connecting with fatherless or parentless kids to teach them safety, wisdom, and responsibility, the health risks associated with being a police officer.

Eric also talked about his experience with the keto and carnivore diets, the importance of being a healthy role model for your kids, and finding purpose and passion in helping people.

Life’s Best Medicine according to Eric: “Seeing people get healthy.”

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