Life’s Best Medicine Podcast w Brian Lenzkes MD PT.2

Thank you for tuning in for another episode of Life’s Best Medicine. In this episode, Dr. Brian is back with Eric Reynolds (Keto Five-O) for Part 2 of this amazing interview. Eric is a licensed primary sports nutritionist, personal trainer, and retired police officer. He found success with a ketogenic/ carnivore lifestyle and founded Keto Five-O to help others find the same success and wellness that he found.

Brian and Eric talk about the inception of the Cops and Campers group, Eric’s experience dealing with anti-cop bias, and the mental health epidemic in this country. They also discuss the joys of camping and being out in nature, the benefits of homeschooling, the importance of being a critical thinker and fostering critical thinking skills in your children, as wellas Eric’s experience finding and meeting his half-brother, the power of eating clean, and the damaging effects of negativity and stereotyping.

Life’s Best Medicine according to Eric: “Think about how busy your life is—are you living or are you slowly dying? I realized that the old career I had, which was honorable—and I love all my police officers and first responders—but there comes a point when you’ve gotta really look at yourself. You’ve been helping everyone else, but you’ve gotta look at yourself—your own psyche, your physical health and mental health. Don’t be scared to retire early. Money is just money. It’s not true happiness.”

Thank you for listening. Have a blessed day and stay healthy!

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